Recovery Journey Roadmap

Attempting to heal from a stress illness can feel daunting, especially if you've been suffering for a long time and have been told a million different diagnoses from many different doctors. The psychological effects that long-term suffering has on us can be just as bad as the physical pain if not worse, so firstly I'd like to address that. I see you, I too felt the awful strain that this has on your mind and body. That said, you’ll be pleased to know that the process out of this is pretty straightforward so there’s no need to feel intimidated by it. What you will learn here will hopefully make you feel liberated, enlightened and empowered to make life-changing choices that will totally heal you from the inside out.

In this detailed roadmap, I outline the six elements I used to achieve complete recovery from TMS. I no longer have ANY chronic symptoms at all. It's important to mention that each element outlined in this roadmap is continual and ongoing, so try to visualise this journey as more of a cycle that uses various techniques in unison, rather than a linear set of steps to the end goal.

Please do plenty of your own research and understand the different approaches, as what worked for me might be a little different than what works for you. I’m simply sharing information and techniques that I used to recover. I am living proof (as are millions of others) that mind-body techniques REALLY DO WORK, just keep an open mind if this is new to you.

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