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Some of the common questions I get asked about my classes.

Do I need to have yoga experience to take part?

No, all the classes will be beginner level (unless stated otherwise) and adaptable/modifiable where possible. 

Do I need to be strong and flexible to practice yoga?

Nope! The goal with this practice is to settle the nervous system and get you out of fight-or-flight mode. All physical moves will be gentle and adaptable to all abilities and beginner-friendly (unless stated otherwise).

Over time, with consistent effort, your body will soften and strengthen, as will your mind. But the physical element of practice is almost a side-effect to the mind-body work we will be focussing on primarily. Regular practice is recommended for best long-term results.

How can I book a live yoga class?

Go to the Book a class page and take a look at the schedule. Once you're booked in, all you need is a Zoom account and a device that you can connect with. Please make sure your device has a front-facing camera or webcam so that I can see you.

Can I purchase a class recording?

Yes, all my classes are recorded in high quality and uploaded to my on-demand video library.

Can I cancel or reschedule a class?

Yes, just log into your account, and go to bookings, there you can cancel your class. You need to cancel your class at least one hour before the class starts to receive a full refund. There is also a link to cancel your class in your original booking confirmation email.

At the moment the booking system doesn't allow you to reschedule a class, you have to email the booking system company to request this, which isn't ideal, so I would suggest just cancelling and rebooking the class of choice.

How do I contact you with questions?

At the end of each live class there will be a Q&A space where you can ask all your questions with me live in person. If you have a question before taking part, please DM me on Facebook, Instagram or email dani@mytmsjourney.com.

Can I book a private one to one class?

Please email dani@mytmsjourney.com for more information on private classes.

Can I join the classes if I don't have TMS?

Absolutely, my classes are for everyone! Tailoring my classes to the TMS community just means that I am adapting my classes to incorporate the ideal environment for nervous system settling with calm meditative practices that all TMS healing principles and modalities teach.

How can I access the free first class?

Simply go to the book a class page and choose either live schedule or on-demand videos. When you find a class that suits you, you will have the choice of buying a single class, class pack or subscription there on the purchase page. Just select the "FIRST CLASS FREE" option and you will not be charged. This is for new students.