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What to expect in a class

Come to your yoga mat to feel; not to accomplish. Shift your focus and your heart will grow...

Together we disconnect from our overactive constantly hyper brains, connect our bodies to our breath and ease into relaxing meditative movement where our goal is to encourage our nervous system into rest and repair.

Calming the nervous system is the main goal, feeling safe in our bodies and trusting ourselves to move with ease. The meditative and breathwork elements of the class are the most important. That and connecting with others on the same journey, and trusting in me to guide you through this practice.

If you have trouble with sitting, standing, balance or stability, don't worry. Level 0 and Level 1 are completely floor-based. Also, most moves are modifiable with props such as yoga blocks to help you in any standing poses in Level 2 (more about each class type below).

Classes are available LIVE streamed on Zoom or on-demand and your first class is free. I guide you through a gentle restorative meditative practice, suitable for all abilities and ages. You don't need any previous experience, just a willingness to connect, take part and share this space with me and others in the same boat as you. 

All classes follow a similar structure: to begin, I give an introduction to the intention of the class regarding TMS principles, nervous system regulation, safety and comfort first, then a grounding exercise and meditative breathing. Then depending on the level of class that you choose, here's a little about what to expect in class:

Nourishing Nidra (Level 0)

This class is an all floor-based practice, focusing on rest and calm with a tiny bit of really simplified movement lying down, followed by a long soothing guided meditation safety and comfort first bringing us into a dreamlike state. We use pillows and blankets in this class, it is a form of 'yogic sleep' where we allow the body and mind to drift away into stillness, the ultimate surrender to the calm within. An ideal entry-level class for those struggling with sitting, standing, balance or fear of movement in general.

Beyond Breath (Level 0)

This class is a zero movement practice, focusing on harnessing the power of the breath to regulate the nervous system and coax us out of fight/flight/freeze. A combination of calming and energising breathwork, each week focusing on one particular style of Pranayama, melded with grounding techniques, meditation and complete nervous system reset. Practice in complete comfort either seated or lying down.

Mindbody-Meditation (Level 0)

A selection of recorded meditations, many of which are FREE.

Reset & Restore (Level 1)

This class is also a floor-based practice, with a yummy combination of deep relaxation, connection to self and simplified movement either lying down, sitting up or on all fours. Slow and gentle restorative sequences with connection to breath at its core. Followed by a slow and steady sequence of easily adaptable beginner-level postures, connected to the breath ending with a deeply relaxing meditation.

Feel & Flow (Level 2)

This class is a slightly more challenging class than Level 1 above, yet still modifiable and beginner-friendly. As always, classes are tailored to the TMS community and geared towards dropping fear of movement and encouraging our nervous system to settle into rest & repair. This class offers a little more challenge to help focus the mind on the present and involves more standing poses, again with our connection to breath at its core, with a slow and steady sequence of beginner-friendly modifiable postures that flow with the pattern of our yogic breathing. Some postures will be floor-based, some standing, ending with a deeply relaxing meditation.

Click here to access LIVE streamed or on-demand classes now, remember your first class is FREE!

Closing circle

Classes are usually approximately 60 minutes long, with around 15 minutes of optional time after live classes for us to share thoughts, offer mentorship, answer questions, give support about the practice, or TMS recovery in general. I call this the closing circle but it's an informal pet-friendly chat basically! Where we can get to know each other with discussion, book sharing and space to as questions or voice concerns.

I later follow-up with the class via email containing a link to the class recording, the relevant curated playlist I chose with specifically hand-picked tracks to deeply relax, release emotions and connect to our innermost selves. Plus a copy of the reading I chose for the final Savasana relaxation. 

Practice anytime with on-demand video

All classes are recorded in high quality for those people that cannot attend a live class. The videos are uploaded to my on-demand video library so you can still practice with me even if the live class times don't suit you.

What you will need

For live classes you will need a free Zoom account - get one here.

A device to connect to the online classes. You can use a laptop or IPad or your smartphone although the screen might be a little small, just try it out. I will need to see you on screen, at the very least to welcome you into the class (ideally you would have your camera on throughout the class, but that's entirely up to you) so please make sure you have a front-facing camera enabled when you join the live call.

Comfy clothes, a yoga mat and an unobstructed space to practice.

Optional: blanket, cushions, yoga bolster, chair for support, yoga blocks/strap, scented candles or incense and your favourite beverage.

Important Notice

As this is an online class, it's impossible to directly instruct everyone individually in person at all times, please listen to your body and never push past any discomfort or pain. If at any point during class you feel any alarming pain or discomfort, gently come out of the pose and where necessary please return to your preferred resting position.

Everyone will be working at different ability levels, so please don't think you have to push harder to match someone else's level or force something that isn't ready to happen. Your body and brain will take time to adjust to the new movement, especially if you're currently fearful of movement. Give yourself space and time to get used to things, but ALWAYS stick within your own range of motion and limits.

Find the spot that feels good, rather than pushing to where it hurts. Over time you will adapt and improve, remember the point of these classes is to soften the mind and regulate your nervous system OUT of fight or flight, so safety and comfort are paramount at all times.

Please make sure you complete a new student intake form before attending and read the waiver carefully. Be sure to join my private Facebook Community "Yoga for TMS with Dani Fagan" here.