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Yoga for TMS with Dani Fagan Reviews

Have a browse through these lovely comments from our gorgeous yoga community. Thank you so much, everyone! To leave your own review, scroll down or click here to jump to the form below.

I didn’t get a chance to say this aloud following class, but I just really wanted to thank you for a full year of amazing learning. I can’t believe I have come so far; I have considered myself fully “pain-free” the last few months after suffering years of IBS, back pain, sciatica, headaches, and PELVIC PAIN!!! Your classes were truly the catalyst in helping me be comfortable within my own body, in learning to be kind and compassionate to myself, and gave me the tools and support I needed to begin regulating my own nervous system. No amount of reading, learning, or journaling did as much for me in feeling calm and safe in my day to day as your instruction and resources have. I had to have a very scary emergency surgery in the Fall (ruptured appendix), and all the skills you taught me made an absolute world of difference dealing with the fear, trauma, and pain that accompanied that experience. Your classes, and the movements and exercise I learned from them, were the only thing I was able to physically do for a few weeks in recovery for which I am so grateful, and your breathing techniques kept me calm when I was very ill and waiting for surgery. I would’ve been a mess post-op without all I've learned from you, so thank you for all you do. I purchased the “Come Home To Yourself” course as a Christmas present to myself, and I can’t wait to get started. ~ Alexandria ♥

Dani! That class was amazing, I’ve never felt so relaxed, I though I was relaxed at the beginning but by the end it was another level! I wish I could stay in that state forever, more of it pleeeeeese 😊❤️ ~Jane
Thank you for helping me become the most regulated version of me that I have ever been since I was born! I am feeling more compassionate towards myself and others rather than driven with hard impatient edges. THANK YOU x ~ Nicole X
Thanks Dani :) I started Tuesday’s class in considerable pain, and afterwards it was greatly alleviated. ~ Mary x
Thanks for the wonderful class last night, it was a brilliant way to end the year and know that I am totally on the right track. All the pieces have just fallen into place...with your help alongside the Curable app I have made SO much progress in the short space of just a couple of weeks ❤️ thanks so much for all your help, you're incredible Dani xxx ~ Katie S
I have had a lot of grief in my life lately and had given up on most of my helpful self-loving practices including Dani's yoga classes.  But yesterday I did one of her nidra classes and then got the first good night's sleep that I have had in weeks.  I can't recommend her relaxing yoga and nidra classes highly enough.  You will love it, I promise. ~ Linda B x
Hi Dani. I really enjoyed your class today. I am a follower of Dan Ratner. I have seen your interviews with each other. I feel your classes will be a beautiful way of integrating Dan's work and your work to my recovery. Thank you for all you do for the TMS community. ~ Patty
Dani Fagan, I can’t tell you enough how your ability to transform me to a different place and acutely visualize what you speak of has done for me. I went to bed last night, and I ended up using your drawing of MY CIRCLE which you include in your Nidra Yoga to enclose myself in safety and protection. I saw my field undulate as it was tapped by the thoughts and will of others. MY CIRCLE held fast and I continued to say, “NO!” Thank you for this valuable lesson and some much-needed sleep. Your descriptive explanation and calming voice just changed my life. ❤️ Tracie
Hi Dani. Just wanted to say how lovely it was to be back to a live class on Tuesday and to see you again. It came just at the right time as I was having a flare of symptoms but since the class I’ve been free of migraines again! ~ Jane B
I really loved my first live yoga class with Dani. I haven’t been able to connect with my body and my breath like that in a very long time. And I was able to carry that wonderful feeling into the rest of my week. It was so helpful, and I am so grateful to have finally found a yoga teacher that understands what is needed when dealing with chronic health issues. Dani herself is so kind, welcoming and encouraging. Thank you Dani for what you do, and I will be returning to your class again and again. Mary xx
I got on so well during this practice; lately I've had some insecurities that have been bothering me, I think we all do at some point, and the practice yesterday made them fade a lot. I felt more confident in myself and beautiful. Thanks again xoxo - Rae
I had my first class with Dani today and I can tell already it's going to be the perfect complement to my JournalSpeak practice. It took me right to the same tender place in me with emotions that need to come up and out of my body for healing. The music, the somatic movements done with presence and intention....It's the perfect practice for anyone with TMS. I'm so grateful. x Chris x
After developing a new problem that was causing me my first serious pain flare in a long while, I turned to Dani's yoga class for some much needed rest and relaxation. The reduction in pain levels between the day of the class and two days later is phenomenal! I always knew this stuff was good but this is the biggest direct change I've experienced. Dani is seriously a miracle. ~ Amy x
That class was amazing. Before it started I realised that I was fearful of ‘hurting myself’ but nothing could have been further from the truth. By the time it finished I felt refreshed, energised and at peace with myself. Thanks Dani, you’re a brilliant teacher and can’t wait to see you next week ❤️ CHERYL ❤️
This class was great! An excellent focus on calming the nervous system. No pressure to preform well, just a sense of letting go. Thank you! ~ Cinda ♥
Absolutely awesome! Danis voice is so soothing it puts you to sleep! I need her every night! She is beautiful inside & out! Thank you, Julie xx
This class was a great first experience for me. Just the right theme at the stage where I am in my TMS journey: practicing patience. I loved the atmosphere, the pace, the music, Dani's voice. I will definitely sign up for more classes. Ildiko xx
I'm super thrilled to have made the first step towards a yoga class. I felt very safe with Dani. I was able to complete 40 minutes of the 60. minute course, but I'm ok with it. That is 40 more minutes than I have done in years! Highly recommend! ~ Sarah ♥
Amazing class I felt so alive and calm at the same time lol. So peaceful Dani. Thank you so much for the practice! ~Karen x
Thank you Dani for an amazing breath work class! It’s exactly what I needed. I could actually feel my muscles calming down & the spasms going away. I will definitely be back! ~ Jenna ♥
I attended a retreat at the Omega Center with Nicole Sachs leading an amazing week long program addressing TMS and chronic pain. Unfortunately good old COVID didn’t afford Dani the ability to travel to the states for this retreat but they live-streamed Dani into our space and we were blessed with the most loving Nidra mediation from “across the pond.” WOW. WOW. WOW. What a gift we received! Dani you were (and are) AMAZING! Holy cow. The buzz around the Omega campus is how much we loved you.  You rocked it fellow journeyer. Namaste. ~ Pam x
I haven’t moved my body at all since the pandemic began and this is a lovely gentle way to get back into moving my scrunched-up, stressed, working-from-home body. Thanks so much Dani ~ Francesca x
Dani leads the class in a way that it is accessible to everyone. The focus on calming our highly alert nervous systems is necessary and the best medicine. Dani teaches meditation and safe, gentle movement that help to retrain our neuropathways. I highly recommend these classes to anyone who wants to connect to their inner self. I see your light Dani, and I'm finding mine again! ~ Kathryn ♥
Thank you, sweet Dani, for another wonderful class! For reminding me to create the space for magic in and around me in the here and now! My body is grateful for the good stretch and flow, and my smile is like a tattoo right now 🙂. Literally, 1 minute after we hung up it started raining like mad! So like you said in the meditation, I went back on the terrace to stand in the rain and imagined the rain washing all my worries and troubles away. The visualisation came true 🙂. I had somewhat forgotten how much I love the connectedness of it all, the nature, the universe, the energies and the light in us. I'm sitting in this afterglow of how your yoga class helped tune down all the noise and remind me of that connectedness again. Like the bird of prey (buzzard I believe!), who was sitting 20m from me on the neighbour's terrace in its own here and now, not worrying, not judging, not overthinking, just sitting and letting it play out. Stillness is nothing to be afraid of! Thank you again, today was magical in so many ways! See you soon and many hugs. Grete 💗
Superb yoga classes! What I especially like about Dani's yoga is she doesn't rush you through the positions or emphasize flexibility. Her yoga focuses on healing the mind and body through meditation, breathwork, and movement. Her classes really are a wonderful experience, especially if you have anxiety or chronic pain. ~ Rachel Ann
I just wanted to get in touch to say how much I enjoyed your class on Tuesday. I felt so great after it - totally yoga stoned! Also, my pain was really reduced for the whole following day. I had enjoyed doing one of your on demand classes on my own but I found there was something really lovely about knowing you and the rest of the group were there with me during the live class. Really looking forward to coming to another one soon. Thanks for a great class! ~ Tasha ♥
Thank you Dani for bringing me back to the mat, for reaffirming to me that I am not alone, for reminding me to be as free as a bird and for helping me to open my heart tonight. I am whole. My 💗 is whole. ~ Amy x
My physical limitations only permit me to partake in Yoga Nidra, level 0. I became a big fan of Dani's approachable web and social media content, helping me stay focused every day on my TMS recovery. I decided to try an on-demand Yoga Nidra and was blown away by the way my brain and body responded by this experience. I've tried other Yoga Nidra meditations on various platforms but I finally understand the profound state in which this practice can produce. Dani soothed my nervous system during this deep state of conscious awareness sleep. No rote/robotic body scanning here...just blissful body awareness and serene story imagery as I carried out my intentions with deeply seeded affirmations rich with self-compassion and tender self-empowerment. I just loved this so much. ~ Sarah I xxx
I don't know how she does it, but I had a real pain flare-up this week, and I feel so much better after Dani's class. I suppose it isn't surprising, given that Dani's classes always make me feel more in touch with my bodymind. So grateful for these classes and this space. ~ Rebecca R ❤️
Have only had one class with Dani so far...a Yoga Nidra class....and it was truly fantastic.  I was transported to a very peaceful and tranquil state within moments. Dani is very genuine and warm, kind and welcoming. But she also has a truly unique gift of communicating deep truths through visualizations and authentic sharing of her heart. What a gift to have found her!! ~ Allie x
It has been a rough time personally and I am seeking things to help bring down my nervous system and temper the fight/ flight/ freeze response. This does exactly that. I am really grateful for the experience and for the knowledge Dani shares as we work through it! I LOVE IT ❤️ ~ Lucy
Your classes have been such an amazing find and have such a therapeutic affect on me. It's such a safe space for me and the emotional release I always seem to get in your class. I'm so happy that I found this! Thank you so much for all you are doing! I wanted to mention was during this weeks class on Tuesday..which was amazing!!! I found it really helpful when you started naming emotions/feelings.. I actually had no idea what I was feeling at the beginning because there wasnt really anything I could tap into then..but then you threw out a few suggestions and one just resonated with me so much...I actually feel that that feeling has been buried so deep inside that I didnt even know it was there...got some work to do on that one now...🤩
Being in such a relaxed state it's hard to tap into deeper emotions i feel so when you out some suggestions out there..kinda like they were all floating by and then i was able to connect with the one i needed to most! Very much looking forward to tonight's class. ~ Tamara x
Dani is so warm and friendly... You feel as if you’ve known her forever! I don’t think it would have mattered much what we were doing. Her caring and often comedic personality lends itself to a lovely hour of gentle movement, beautiful breath work and healing meditation. Highly recommend! Hope to see you again soon! 🧘🏻‍♀️ 🕉 Jennifer ♥️
Class was amazing again.. I don‘t know how you do it, but I always manage to be calm and present during your classes.. love your humor.. going through a nasty flare, it was just what i needed ❤️ Fabienne
Class was like the best most nourishing vacation without ever leaving my bed. I'm looking forward to revisiting and really letting Dani's encouraging words sink into my subconscious. ~ Deb x
As always, Dani, your class was so gentle and loving and kind. I need more gentleness and more loving kindness in my life, and you are such a strong role model for me. Your attention to our needs is so right-on! And knowing that you are a TMS sufferer along with the rest of us helps so much. There has never been a yoga or meditation class that felt so perfectly suited to my needs. TMS BE GONE could be the name of your classes. Thank you! Oh, and this time I did stay awake and listen almost until the very end... ~ Linda B
Finally after many years felt my tightly winded springs have been unsprung and I'm on the journey to joyfully bouncing back to who I truly am. With Dani's melodic voice guiding me through the yoga and meditation I felt my dear friend supporting me release the stress on my entire body and mind. Never look back 😘 ~ Emma
I loved Dani’s class! My stress level decreased as a result and I enjoyed Dani’s style incorporating breathing, meditation and a reading. Her voice is very soothing and calming, perfect for relaxing the nervous system. Thanks Dani!!!! ~ S
Delightful! Yummy and delicious to my soul, body, spirit and mind. Love connecting to deeper levels of me under Dani’s guided yoga and meditation classes. ~ Deb
I felt like this class was really empowering today. I know that my nervous system is settling down these Yoga classes are making a difference. Im not alone on this mind/ body tms journey. Thank you Dani. ~ Joanie x
The yoga nidra class was perfection. It has completely soothed me and I had the best nights sleep I have had in months. Dani is a phenomenal teacher and I would highly recommend trying her classes ~ Paul xx
I felt so calm and centered after class. I was proud of my accomplishments- felts empowered by what my Body could do and aware of what I can work toward but am not yet ready for. Dani has such a chillled way of speaking- and teaching! The reading at the end spoke to me- loud And clear! I can’t wait for another class. ~ Courtney
I started class with so much anxiety I couldn’t even close my eyes, I eventually surrendered to Dani’s gentle guidance and by the end I felt calm and at peace. Everyone needs a Dani in their lives. Thank you, Lor ♥
I had tried different yoga classes over the years and had never enjoyed or felt the benefit of them. Yoga with Dani has been a revelation! The classes feel so inclusive, supportive and nurturing of physical and mental health. After a few months of joining Dani’s classes I have felt significant improvement to my longstanding nerve pain and feel calmer and more able to face anything. I look forward to joining a live class every week and also find the flexibility of on demand classes a great help. I feel so lucky to have discovered these classes! ~ Catherine
I have been doing the classes since they began, and it is very true what Dani says about it being a gradual improvement that is hard to even quantify, until I remember how it was when I began. Before I started, I never imagined myself having the courage to do any sort of yoga class, online or otherwise. I'm feeling a bit more flexible generally (and there is never any pressure to do more than you feel comfortable with anyway). But, the most obvious improvement is that before these classes I didn't even know what relaxed felt like and that I was in a permanent state or fight or flight. I now feel that I have the tools to relax myself both during the classes and, most importantly, during the rest of my day too. There is so much to learn from these classes, and from Dani herself - movement is only a small part of the benefit. I'm so pleased that I have committed myself to this. ~ Sarah F
The two classes I’ve done this week have been awesome and so needed. As soon as I lie down to start (I love starting class lying down) my body instantly surrenders and relaxes and even if I have pain (which I did last night) I can accept and sit with it for that hour and beyond. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you’re amazing! ~ Jane B
I'm a total yoga beginner and never would I've thought that I could like Yoga! But with Dani yoga is fun, relaxing and healing at the same time. I love the flow of your classes, your humor, your energy and your looks! Dani.. thank you for creating a safe space for us TMS'ers, I'm so looking forward to the next class. ~ Fabienne
Dani I have really loved your class, and the meditation at the end is stellar. I feel buttery and relaxed afterward and that is so rare for me. My PT today said that she feels like your classes have had a huge benefit for me; she can see the results. And I can too. She even said that I'm a "poster child" for the kind of improvement one can see from a yoga practice. I've never stuck to classes like this before, but I'm hooked. Thank you so much for your positive impact on my life. Warmly, Katrina
I joined Dani's level 2 class today and was delighted with the pace, the intentionality to connect our breath with our movements, which were both gentle and challenging. I love how Dani offers levels of difficulty for those who want more intensity, all the while reminding us to move with ease and softness. Dani helps me find areas of my body I am clenching and cues us to release tension, release expectations and be present. The ending Savasana's are Ah-MAZ-ing! So very nourishing and relaxing. I'm enjoying my experiences with Dani's classes and the community she is building. ~ Debbie P ❤️
I just spent hours looking through your website and wow....just wow!!!! I felt this calm come over me as I went through it. It was so well planned out and brought so much clarity. It was like reading the calmest, kindest reminder of every thing I know but you gave me some great ideas to add. You have really created a gift to the TMS community. Your nervous system grounding exercises are a huge addition to my life right now. I am now 2 years into tapering off meds and 1 more year to go. I have been coping with this by using TMS techniques but your class is helping me the most. I don’t easily open up to people but your honestly and kindness have really meant so much to me. Dani you've added so much to the TMS community. I really wish all the happiness, you are so inspiring. ~ Debbie G
Deeply relaxing and very nourishing yoga for the TMS community! Dani's Reset & Restore class is absolutely incredible, a very safe space to rest, rewind and relax whilst having a gentle and curiosity as to what is going in on your body and mind, without the obsessing part! A true gift for the TMS community, highly recommend xx Susan xx
I wept with relief and gratitude that I was in Dani's Reset & Restore class today. This was my first class with Dani. I have a long history of pushing myself to physical injury fueled by my perfectionism and pride to fight against my pain. I felt at ease with Dani guiding us. I placed my hands on my body and felt the nourishment of air with each step in the 3 step breathing, just as Dani described it. I felt LOVE and deep peace and it brought me to tears and I felt safe emotionally and physically present as we moved so intentionally through the practice. I am learning to LOVE my body and explore its capabilities while healing my TMS. The pace of this class was gentle, the cueing was easy to hear and follow, and the meditation at the end was EPIC. Thank you for sharing your giftedness and journey, Dani. I'm eager to spend more time in this community and thank you for allowing me another 2 days to repeat the class. ~ Debbie P ❤️
I am benefitting SO MUCH from your classes and I wish I could attend live more often, but just know that you've helped me begin restoring mobility (my PT was really impressed this week) and gain some calm and progress with TMS. Thank you!! ~ Katrina x
Soooo powerful having TMS symptoms validated and considered all the way through this brilliant yoga session. It really helped me to begin to find my confidence in my yoga practice, once more. And lovely to share the space with other yogis who understand! Thank you Dani! I'm really grateful to you! ~ Claire ❤️
I tried one of Dani's Level 1 classes and it really helped to relax me and make me feel more alert after feeling on edge all morning because of a bad dream last night. I felt so relaxed that after the session, something that would have normally stressed me out a lot at work didn't stress me out as much. And I really just feel so much more alert, which I find astonishing - for context I spend my days in a haze of anxiety. Another thing that is surprising is that, I normally go for the more advanced faster flow class probably because I don't want to slow down enough to feel discomfort and anxiety, but I found it somehow more real to slow down and see and feel my body wherever it was. Dani, thank you so much for creating these classes for the TMS community! ~ Anon ❤️
I’ve been afraid to say this out loud incase I jinx my recovery but as it’s the last day of the month here goes 😊 My migraines have reduced by 80% in January and I’m sure it’s all down to your classes Dani ❤️ so it’s a massive “THANK YOU” from me 🎉😘😘😘 I’ve suffered with chronic, almost daily migraines for at least 8 years and can’t believe this shift.... but forever grateful ❤️❤️ Jane xx
Your class yesterday, my goodness it was the most relaxing yoga class I have ever done. Years ago I did a lot of yoga but as my fibromylagia/TMS got worse I ended up letting go of it all. I think the mental pressure was even too much as well as the physical. Your class was the first I have done in years and I felt my nervous system completely melt. And I LOVED the fact it wasn't really about asana. So thank you SO much, I will certainly be joining in more. Oh, and it was by far the most relaxing savasana I have ever experienced! ~ Kim ❤️️
I’m not new to yoga but as someone healing from chronic pain, I was excited to try Dani’s classes because of the her particular mindbody focus. Although most of the poses are familiar to me, it’s great to have live instruction from an expert. Dani is a great teacher. She's wonderfully warm and reassuring and there is no pressure to be 'perfect' so we can feel safe while working within our own physical limits. I particularly love how Dani incorporates lots of breathwork and meditation into the classes. I’ve picked up some great new tips and tricks for self-soothing, which are making their way into my own practice. I end every session feeling totally relaxed and chilled out. Thank you, Dani, for creating this virtual safe space for healing and a wonderful community to go along with it. ~ Phil ❤️️
When you've tried everything for chronic pain you can feel reluctant to part with your money as so often the things we desperately chase to help make no difference, but this couldn't be less true for yoga with Dani. The classes are wonderful for so many reasons- reinforcing the TMS beliefs and affirming we are on the right path, connecting with so many friendly, encouraging and welcoming members of the community, calming the mind and body and offering a safe space to heal. I couldn't recommend them more and always feel such relief after taking this time for myself. ~ Charlotte ❤️️
I have to tell you how much I’m enjoying your classes. They’ve given me the confidence to participate in yoga again after a break (due to pain) for several years. I had tried a couple of YouTube videos over the past year on my own, but I ended up scaring my poor nervous system after the first attempt at a downward dog! Triggered pain and I lost confidence. But your approach is so gentle and calming and geared to people (like me!) who have a lot of fear of movement that I’m more confident to move now and try new things (albeit slowly and gently). So, thank you so much! ~ Lauren ❤️️
Despite having no yoga experience, a lot of excess weight, rock bottom fitness levels, cripplingly low self-esteem, significant anxiety, a touch of depression and chronic knee, hip, lower back and neck pain - I simply couldn't have imagined the immeasurably huge impact this one hour a week was going to have on me. Yoga, meditation and breathwork are now a part of my daily routine. My whole emotional outlook has changed in positive ways too numerous to mention. My body is full of possibilities now, no longer a physical and emotional weight around my neck. To see the love and support this community gives back to Dani makes me SO happy for her. Dani I can't wait to see what 2021 brings for you, you work so hard at everything you do and you give so much to others. You deserve alllll the good stuff! ~ Suze ❤️️
Anxiety has, undoubtedly, been one of my most persistent and disruptive TMS symptoms; it is more difficult *for me* to manage than my physical symptoms (which are also ever present). This afternoon I did my fourth yoga class with Dani...and today is the first day in over 6 months that I didn't have a panic attack, nor did I have to take any meds to distract from the distressing symptoms happening in my body. Any disbelief I previously had in a yoga practice having the ability to help down-regulate a hyper-aroused nervous system is officially GONE. Thank you, Dani ❤️️ And to everyone who said this practice is their favorite part of their week - I feel you, because me too (!!!) I am so looking forward to continuing this into the New Year, and connecting with more of you on your healing journeys 🥰 Here's to the little victories every day 🙏 Alexandria ❤️️
Thank you for this amazing class today Dani! I experienced a much deeper release today than I ever have. My neck surrendered ❤️️!️ Love to you and all you do. Happy New Year and may we all continue to heal, love Amy ❤️️
I had the most amazing first class today, Dani. Thank you. I entered the class coming having just come down from a panic attack as I having a pelvic pain episode (it's been gone for weeks then this morning, bam, so I freaked out) and by the time we were done, I was SO calm and felt 500 times better. I am so looking forward to attending regularly. Thank you for offering this for us TMS folks ❤ !!! ~Alexandria Pavelich
What I loves most about your classes is the flexibility and gentleness of your approach to the relaxation and meditation part as much as the yoga movement. Meditation has never worked for me before because sitting up I can never relax enough. The fact I can lie down and get comfy wherever and however works for me has been a revelation. I'm really delighted, thank you ❤️️ ~ Debbie x
Dani is superb! She is the living-breathing TMS slayer as they are made! She is a daily inspiration, her humbleness abour her own experience and her selflessness about giving to others is so authentic. Although I don't have chronic pain anymore, I still have a typical TMS monkey mind. Her deep soothing yoga voice and her knowing guidance calmed my monkey mind and reminded me to breathe deep into my core and be one with my breath. Looking forward to stopping by at one of your classes again soon! Happy Holidays, you sweet soul! 😘. ~ Grete x
This class is a warm hug, a kind word, a gentle smile, a sweet and caring place to rest your soul and body for an hour. It lets your mind open and your heart lift up to such endless possibility. The calm I feel afterwards has lasted and lasted and lasted. Dani is gifted beyond measure. 😘. ~ Jen
I have done a few sessions with Dani so far, she is a fabulous teacher, you feel no pressure to perform or perfect anything just her warmth, experience and understanding. She leads you to a very calm special place and over the last 2 weeks I have felt my symptoms reduce after constant headaches for 6 years,! I am also much calmer internally, learning how to breathe has been invaluable, she even taught me breathing for the school run! So happy that Dani is building such a great supportive community, thank you 😘. ~ Eleanor
My first time doing the Level 2 class! I was a little bit afraid to do down dogs with my arm pain, but Dani made it so safe and comfortable, and I was able to do things for just as long as I could, and then rest, and then give it another try. I really feel like I taught my brain that it is safe to move my body. Thank you so much, Dani! ~ Robin
I just did the recording of yesterday's level 2 class and loved it. I was scared it would just be way beyond my ability, but most of it was fine once I reminded myself to just do what my body is comfortable with and stop trying to push to the limit. It still felt like I was in the actual live class but I did miss the Q&A and pet parade at the end 🤣🐾 Thank you soooo much for these classes Dani, the benefits I'm feeling already - mind and body - are incredible. Love you ❤️️ ~ Suze
Hi Dani. I loved the new level 2 class, it was just challenging enough without being too much and I’ve booked for next week. These classes and the community you have created have been the missing jigsaw piece for me in my journey, I’m now accepting the symptoms without fight or fear and have more tools to deal with them 😘❤️️Can’t wait for 8pm tonight! Jane xx
Yummy, relaxing, gentle yoga, expertly guided by Dani. Exactly what I needed, thank you ~ Laura x
Hi Dani, I just wanted to share a bit of my feelings today, I came to class feeling super low and I didn’t think I was going to even get through it. Anyway I kept going and then when we started to sit back down and winding down and then the poem you read and the rain sounds with the music really helped me let go. I feel better and just wanted to give you a big THANKS 🦋❤️~ Joanie
Dani has a gentle, loving and humorous personality that guides anyone lovingly through yoga. If you’re looking to relax, calm, and soothe your mind and body, there’s a place for you here to learn how to listen to your breath, move your body, and meditate. She’s creating a community of support for those of us that experience pain in our lives and need an outlet of expression. Love you Dani! ❤️~ Annie
Dani has created a beautiful, safe, personal class which allows me to feel, connect, move and breathe. Having attended many yoga classes in the past, the difference I’ve found here is I’m very present, I’m not judging myself over my ability to ‘perform’, I’ve  ceased comparing my yoga ability to others and I’ve been able to calm my mind and tune in to my emotions (I cry in a good way every time!) Early days but I’m also trying to implement what I learn off the mat too. Dani is so warm, knowledgeable and compassionate... I’m so pleased and grateful to have found this space and so look forward to my weekly class. Thank you Dani... the light in me sees the light in you ❤️❤️~ Jodie
I LOVED my first class yesterday it was the best yoga class Ive ever had as it included so many delicious practices and most importantly didnt overwork my muscles or joints. Loved the humming bee!! Thank you ~ Hadley x
SO healing. This is yoga done right. Thank you for one of the most healing hours of my life, Dani! x ~ Robin
Hey love, just wanted to say I loved yesterday‘s class! I really enjoyed the breath work. Although I’m always in pain (low back, knees and neck) your classes are never too much and help me feel safe. I’m so looking forward to your upcoming plans and cannot wait for a slightly higher level, and the membership option. Sending you oodles of gratitude, (always & forever a regular😂 Lauren 🤍)
Thank you so much, Dani! I did this class again last night and loved it again, that stuff that we did together made me feel so warmly enveloped, I might be beginning to find some true healing. Thank you for helping with that process. The other thing is that being with the group, even though I didn't talk much, I felt the group's love. I am sold on these zoom classes. Love ~ Linda ♥
Hi Dani, I just wanted to tell you that I looooooooved the Tuesday class this week! I just watched the Yoga Nidra recording today and it was so relaxing. I started the day with a headache but it was gone after this class. Many thanks for what you’re doing. You’ve given me the confidence to try yoga again and to feel safe doing so. You are a wonderful teacher. ~ Lauren 😘😘
Tonight I didn't want to show up because of the anxiety, fear and fatigue but my goodness am I happy I showed up. Thank you Dani for making me show up and for sprinkling your magic fairy dust on me...what an awesome class. For the first time in a very long time I was able to be fully present with your enchanting voice..thank you! ~ Amy ❤️
I love your British accent! 😘. I made it through my four weeks of surgical recovery and 12 weeks of chemotherapy by watching British television. I am a misplaced Englander for sure! This class fits perfectly. I am going back to your site to sign up for a bigger block. So very, very pleased to have found you. I am really enjoying the classes. I am getting benefit from the movement but I am getting even more benefit from the words coming out of your mouth.  LOL. Thanks for your help. ~ Jeannie ❤️
I did my first class with Dani yesterday and WOW! I was in the middle of my first flare up in ages and sitting is a huge trigger for me. Imagine my panic when I realised much of the session was going to be seated!! At first I hurt and simultaneously I felt the urge to push harder. Where's the planks? Where's the big stretches? And then about halfway through the pain just disappeared and I felt so relaxed and calm and I didn't want to do those big yoga poses anymore. I was happy just to be there in the moment with my body, something that's never happened before. I slept amazing last night and today I can feel the flare losing its grip. Just amazing. And proof that calming the nervous system is key. So thank you Dani. I am determined to do another session again soon :-) ~ Amy x
Today was my first day in the class, I felt welcomed and at ease. Im really glad Dani talked about calming down the nervous system. That’s really why I joined, I felt better after the class was over even though some of the stretches were a little tricky because I haven’t stretched out in a year. Thanks Dani 🦋 ~ Joan
Friends, if you have not taken a class with Dani you are missing out! She has created such a safe & loving space, supportive community, & always normalizes the TMS experience. I’m incredibly thankful for this beauty. Even though we don’t know each other and live on opposite ends of the world I know she’d be there for me, or any of us, in a minute. Dani’s website, Instagram and classes will pull you out of the TMS darkness..and I mean bottom of a black hole wanting to end it all darkness. No matter where you are or your time zone hop into a class! It’s my fav midday work break & something I look forward to ❤️ Thank you Dani for restoring my hope, & life❤️. ~ Lauren
My first class with you Dani and i felt so relaxed at the end of it, slept very well and deeply. I can't do all the moves at the moment but am getting there and the gentle pace and thoughtfulness of your class is so good. I enjoyed the music, the poem and the hip opening exercise which you showed us that caused a vibration in the body, I found it very powerful. You generously put so much thought and care into the routine Love Jan x
I took part in my first Yoga with Dani Fagan class tonight despite fears about pain flare ups and still struggling with my lung capacity following covid. I loved it, it was emotional, comforting and soothing. Yes I'm still in pain but I'm pain proud of myself for showing up for myself. Dani is a wonderful yoga instructor, she takes into consideration people's limitation and give multiple variations of poses depending on your ability. Would thoroughly recommend people trying this, it's a gentle exercise class wrapped in a warm hug of love. I will definitely be attending again. I went to bed a bit sore from flare ups, but this morning I've bounced out of bed like Tigger. Gone out for breakfast and shopping for the first time in 6 weeks. It's like my nervous system just went "Ahhhh and breathe!!" Dani you're an actual miracle worker 🥰🥰🥰 xx ~ Paul
I've been to several yoga classes over the years and none of them came close to this one. Dani created such a safe and beautiful atmosphere for us, and knew everyones TMS symptoms! She let us know alternatives we could do if we were experiencing flares, and it was such a deep state of relaxation that my symptoms vanished for a while! I particularly loved when we spent a few minutes in the fetal position. It was such a soothing, calming practice that can easily be done by anyone. Thank you, Dani! ~ ❤️ Robin
I am so grateful to Dani for creating this space of slowing down and gently moving our body with compassion and love through her restorative yoga class. It's just what this community needed and what my body has been craving for so long. Dani is so compassionate, knowledgeable, and gentle, moving slowly through each pose. Most importantly it felt safe to move my body again. I honestly did not think I could do an hour of yoga, but I did! I'm so proud of myself and for Dani getting me into my body and out of my head. I truly feel like everything is awaking up! It also felt very intimate like Dani is in room with you guiding you every step of the way. The relaxation practice at the end was gold! I had such an emotional release through my body. The tears were flowing effortlessly. Thank you Dani for sharing your gift of being a natural healer and an amazing human for me and this lovely community! ~ Jody
I was told I wouldn't be able to do yoga for a year after my first spine surgery. Thanks to this special soul, I felt empowered to try my first yoga class since March, and I'm really proud of myself. I didn't let fear of movement scare me and I trusted my body. Dani is a phenomenal yoga instructor and she created this special community to help peoplejust like me. I am so greateful for her guidance and support. It's everything I needed. ~ ❤️ Dana

(Check out Dana & Krisanna's amazing video testimonial here!)
There’s something about Dani! It is not only the unbelievable empathy she demonstrates for whatever niggle/ stress/ experience you may be experiencing. I felt completely understood with zero judgement and it encouraged me to open up and discard the stoical front. It’s also her very clear, gentle encouraging teaching style- one that makes sure I slowly gather confidence in what my body can do without risk of injury or feeling limited. A very talented yogi- I am so excited she has decided to share her talents and knowledge of healing with us! ~ Pami
I've practiced yoga on and off for 20 years, but Dani's classes have made me approach yoga in a totally different way. Her gentle restorative style melds perfectly with TMS practices, concentrating on the mind, body and soul connection, listening to the body and anchoring with the breath which really helps me release all that stuff I've had lurking beneath the surface for so many years. I'm excited to be on this journey with Dani, her TMS advice to me has proved invaluable, and now bringing these techniques and practices together with yoga feels like I am finally pushing through my own boundaries to find the peace within myself I've so desperately needed. I love you best ever, Dani. ~ Annika X
I used to go to Pilates to strengthen my back, after being told that was the only way to fix it. I'm only now understanding that I was making the problem worse by overworking and overstretching my back muscles and focusing on the physical symptoms. Dani taught me to stop obsessing over my back and focus on relaxing my mind, I still have a way to go, but this is helping me so much, thank you for the constant insight and encouragement! ~ Matt
I love the fact that Dani doesnt focus on fixing our bodies in her classes, I now know that my mind is the leader to getting to where my body can actually soften, this is a brilliant combination of mind-body principles for us stress illness people. Where has this been all my life? TOTALLY RECOMMEND! ~ Jenny
I've suffered from anxiety for as long as I can rememeber, Dani's teaching makes me feel understood and at peace with myself exactly how I am. The feeling I get from time with her is now leaking into my every day life now I know that I can use what she shows me at any time in the day to chill-out. I can get quite emotional after class, but I now know that's normal and beneficial to me. Love you ~ Sarah
I take Yoga classes with Dani to compliment my cycling training. I recently embarked on a 6 day tour of the South Coast that left my hips, lower back, shoulders and legs feeling extremely fatigued and tight... just a few hours after the last ride we had a amazing yoga session with Dani that not only completely restored the flexibility in my whole body but also allowed me to become completely calm which allowed my body to let go all the tension built up over the previous week which was the best part, the adrenaline just melted. I can't recommend Dani highly enough... if you require a relaxing vibe with a session that will soothe your mind, relieve your body and build your core strength you shouldn't look any further. 5 stars. ~ Dean
I had never really delved into the world of Yoga, but after speaking with Dani and how healing and balancing it can be for not only the mind, but the body and the self - I was intrigued! Dani is superb, the sessions are enlightening in so many ways. I found a place of calm and tranquility in myself which I didn't know was even there - and it's helped me to tap into this since. I felt reinvigorated afterwards and totally trusted her process throughout. As a newbie to Yoga this was very important to me!
Keeping my stress levels and anxiety levels down is vital due to my chronic immunological disease as this can prompt huge pain and flares. Since using Dani's techniques and working with her, I've noticed this had a direct effect with avoiding and predicting future flares, and the severity of them. I cannot recommend Dani more highly, she is fabulous and now a lifelong soul sister - I cannot wait to see what this journey with Dani has in store ❤️ ~ Elle
Dani has such a calming vibe. I love doing her yoga classes! Thank you so much, I feel really relaxed after class, it really helps me tackle the rest of the day. My back is SO much better now ❤️ ~ Jess

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