FACT: Stress causes chronic physical conditions

Chronic pain and other persistent disorders can be caused by prolonged emotional strain. When the nervous system is stuck in sustained fight-or-flight symptoms can appear all over the body. But pain does not necessarily equal damage and the good news is, this does NOT have to be a life sentence.

Find out how I became my own medicine and broke free from years of suffering. Find out how to take your life back and heal yourself...

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Recovery Journey

The relationship between our emotions and physical disorders is still relatively misunderstood by today's western medical model, that typically prefers to treat only our symptoms and not the root causes.

Physical conditions such as chronic pain, fatigue, Fibromyalgia, migraines, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and many others that are rooted in repressed stress are collectively known as TMS (Tension Myositis Syndrome or The Mindbody Syndrome). TMS recovery involves addressing emotions and mindset instead of the physical body and is WILDLY successful for millions of people including me.

My Recovery Journey Roadmap highlights the techniques I used to recover from years of chronic pain that you can follow at home. Find out what to expect and how to manage along the way with all my favourite TMS resources and tools including my tailored Yoga for TMS program. Connect with experts, practitioners and thousands of others just like you that not only understand what you're going through but are waiting to help you. 

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What to expect

Find out everything I wish I had known at the beginning of my healing journey.

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How to FEEL your feelings physically, and why it matters in TMS recovery
Allowing our repressed emotions to surface and feeling them fully and physically is key to the nervous system regulating out of fight-or-flight mode.
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After hearing her on 'Dare to Lead' with Brené Brown I went down a rabbit hole on YouTube and found this gem, it might be my new favourite TED Talk!

Your Stories

Hear inspirational conversations with members of the chronic pain community - sharing insightful milestones and discoveries along their own individual TMS journeys.
Phil de la Haye - a life transformed through chronic pain
A long and difficult journey turned around by the power of self-belief, determination and mind-body magic, this story is nothing short of miraculous.
Lu Lu Padmore - pelvic pain and the power of self compassion
A tough story to hear but one of really incredible courage and refusal to accept pain as a life sentence. Trigger Warning: suicide and sexual assault.
Stacey Dicks - the importance of exposure therapy in TMS recovery
A story of courage resilience, and a wonderful example of how despite TMS, we can gradually retrain our bodies to back into physical activity.
If I hurt, that’s OK, I carry on regardless with love...