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Yoga for the TMS community

The following elements of yoga practice are the perfect recipe for mind-body healing - movement, meditation and breathwork. This allows us to get back into our feeling bodies and out of our thinking heads - ease into gentle physical activity without fear, whilst softening and strengthening the body and the mind and settling the nervous system out of that sustained hypervigilant fight-or-flight state.

The key to my style of yoga working for you is gentle but consistent practice...focusing on teaching the mind that the body is safe and can rest and repair itself. Let me gently guide you to that place where you feel safe and understood in your healing journey, to create space where you feel stuck and appreciate your body as it recovers.

Focusing on our TMS problem areas is NOT the goal

Yoga is most commonly known as a physical exercise activity, but it is WAY more than that. In my practice, the physical element of yoga is secondary. TMS is the mind at work, so we must gently work on the mind. I do this partly through slow and steady movement, breathwork and meditation combined. The physical element of my classes is designed to get you to feel safe in movement, especially if you're struggling with body pain. Gently, slowly, mindfully trusting in our bodies again.

The goal of my classes is to settle the nervous system, softening the mind, calming the body, connecting to our emotions and hearts and feeling safe. When we can practice this, our nervous systems relax and over time this calmness becomes second nature - on and off the mat. Back in the day, yoga didn't even encompass movement at all, it was strictly a meditative breathwork practice. The poses only got introduced fairly recently.

For example; we WILL NOT be focusing on stretching or strengthening the back muscles for those of you with back pain. Focusing on problematic TMS symptom areas can lead to further pain and fear - we don't want that!

The focussed, mindful and meditative aspects of yoga are where the magic lies. The main goal - making calm, soothing, 'rest and repair' your new default mode, or at the very least, a mode that you can tap into at will!

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