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A place for TMS community members to share inspiring lightbulb moments, healing breakthroughs, encouraging insight and other helpful tips & resources.

Jamie Sewell's Story - 30+ years of varied symptoms
An epic story through multiple layers of suffering to finally breaking through her headaches, carpal tunnel, back pain, fibromyalgia, you name it!
Dan Buglio's Story - 13 years of chronic back pain
Dan's story is very similar to mine, in the way our symptoms BURST onto the scene. Find out more about his own recovery since finding Dr Sarno's work.
Charlotte Faul's Story - 15 years of chronic Sciatica
Although she has suffered for an intense period of time, her testimony doesn't focus much on her symptoms. Learn about her recovery milestones below.
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Every one of us in this chronic pain community has a voice! Share your knowledge and breakthroughs that could help others on their healing journey...
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