My favourite tools, videos and articles to help you along your healing journey.

Gabor Maté on trauma, mental health & addiction
The first insight I had into Gabor Maté's work that sheds a blinding light onto mental and physical health problems & addictions caused by trauma.
Surrender to the Stillness - Meditation by Sarah Blondin
A perfect night-time mediation, angelic and poetic with an epic soundtrack to tap into your emotions and soothe yourself into blissful relaxation.
TMS journaling topics & themes
Not knowing what to write about is a really common roadblock in TMS recovery. I faced it many times myself. Here are some ideas to get you going.
I Know - Meditation by Sarah Blondin
A beautiful poetic meditation from the voice of a literal angel. When I was in the pit of my struggle with TMS, it felt like this was written for me.
How to dismantle self-limiting beliefs
Ideas and exercises I've been testing to render self-sabotage completely powerless so that it no longer triggers you or controls your life decisions.
The five 'F's of TMS mindset retraining
Dr Howards Schubiner's five 'F's, what NOT to do when healing from a stress illness, inspired by a recent episode from the Mind and Fitness Podcast.
Journal prompts & ideas for emotional release
Excavating your emotions through journaling can be a real challenge, you might know what you need to write about but feel stuck on how to start.
Dr David Clarke - TMS questions & answers
The PPDA president answers questions chronic pain patients and medically unexplained symptoms, a great introduction to the stress illness.
The role of the psoas muscle in common TMS symptoms
Could this be the key to explaining why back pain, pelvic pain and digestive issues (amongst other symptoms) are so common in chronic pain suffering?
Tell me about your pain podcast
Alan Gordon and Alon Ziv host Curable's latest Podcast series, sharing stories of chronic pain patients treated with the latest neuroscience methods.
10 daily steps to chronic pain recovery
A shortlist of the 10 everyday steps I used that guided me through the TMS healing process.
The Mind and Fitness Podcast with Eddy Lindenstein
A weekly podcast hosted by TMS survivor and fitness advocate Eddy Lindenstein, focusing on the mind-body connection, fitness and wellness.