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Breathwork and meditation for mind-body mastery - PART TWO
Breathwork & mediation offer more of an impact on the mind and body than physical yoga practice alone and has a broader benefit to our mental health.
YOGA - the key to mind-body mastery - PART ONE
Yoga was incredibly important in my recovery, I believe it is a fantastically appropriate form of therapy for both the body and mind in TMS sufferers.
Gabor Maté on trauma, mental health & addiction
The first insight I had into Gabor Maté's work that sheds a blinding light onto mental and physical health problems & addictions caused by trauma.
Surrender to the Stillness - Meditation by Sarah Blondin
A perfect night-time mediation, angelic and poetic with an epic soundtrack to tap into your emotions and soothe yourself into blissful relaxation.
I Know - Meditation by Sarah Blondin
A beautiful poetic meditation from the voice of a literal angel. When I was in the pit of my struggle with TMS, it felt like this was written for me.
10 daily steps to chronic pain recovery
A shortlist of the 10 everyday steps I used that guided me through the TMS healing process.
Hope for Healing video series by Curable
Hope for Healing is a fabulous series of video episodes created by Curable and hosted by MD John Stracks, interviewing experts in the mind-body world.
Meditation for peace & positivity
A gorgeous guided meditation for anyone dealing with anxiety and insecurity. Bring more balance, more peace, and more positivity into your day.
Self-soothing is REALLY important as you navigate feeling the stuff you’ve never wanted to feel. Practised regularly, this can change your life.
Emotional Discovery
Uncovering your suppressed negative feelings has a miraculous effect on your physical body. Like releasing a steam valve, they need somewhere to vent.
Recovery Journey Roadmap
Discover the steps I used to fully recover from TMS. Find out what to expect and how to manage with valuable resources and essential expert tools.
Curable is a TMS recovery App, focused on teaching you about pain/brain science and giving you tools and exercises to work through healing TMS.